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Blue Ring Octopus


“The name's Dumas.”

Seriously, either this guy is super dumb, naive, or probably both! Good on you cowboy! I wonder if this guy found out that these things are one of the most venomous creatures that roam God's green Earth? I don't think so. These guys pack a super mean punch. One bite carries enough venom to kill 26 people. If you ever find yourself in the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Australia proceed with caution. These are incredibly beautiful animals but please leave them alone.


“She's a beaut!”

So, here's the video Mr. Dumas should have watched before winding up in the E.R. or worse yet the morge. Oh well, Social Darwinism at it's finest. Pop some popcorn and witness the victim's muscular weakness, numbness, followed by inability to breath due to paralysis, cardiac arrest, and death if CPR isn't constantly administered until breathing and heart beat resume. Who needs slasher flicks when Blue Ringed Octopi are lurking about?

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